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Unleash the power of GuildWalls features for your gaming commuity!

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FREE Teamspeak
TeamSpeak is unlimited and completely free! Don’t worry about the increasing number of slots. Server automatically adjusts its conditions for a comfortable communication of all community members. We provide more slots than you need. Don’t forget to connect TeamSpeak to your GuildWalls profile to keep your community secrets safe
Place news, updates, accept new people, create private posts or hold a closed stream only for community members right on the page of your community. Comments and likes are included. This is a simple and efficient tool to announce events and feel the pulse of your community.
Private forum
Community exists not only in game. We are ready to help you to explore new opportunities for communication. In addition to community page you are welcome to use our forum without additional registration.
Community Economy Management
Our system with Raids and Auction features is very simple. It allows you to create an atmosphere of positive competition among the experienced players and newcomers. DKP is an affordable and fair tool to distribute resources.
We provide streamers with an excellent opportunity to attract new audience. You can stream directly from our site, it will automatically create two parallel streams on YouTube and Twitch. Expand your audience! Streaming have never been so easy!
Single account
One account – multiple opportunities! Be a member of any community or const party. Chat with friends or foes without a heap of logins and passwords! Connect you Steam and World of Tanks profile.