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Datacenter down

SBG: ERDF is trying to find out the default. 2 separated 20kV lines are down. We are trying to restart 2 generators A+B for SBG1/SG4. 2 others generators A+B work in SBG2. 1 routing room is in SBG1, the second in SBG2. Both are down.

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Invite friends! Its easy!


Now you can send invites to all your friends.

There are different ways:


Extremely convenient!
Your friend will receive a letter that looks really nice.


Do not restrain yourself - send invitations to everyone in a row!
Hi I'm nasik kaif from Mumbai India
Hi where are you from

About user profile integration with TeamSpeak

The integration is now completed. Hooray!

So go ahead and connect your profile on GuildWalls with your TeamSpeak.

All TeamSpeak logins will be logged in the log of visits. You can see who and when connected TeamSpeak in the statistics of activity of the community in the TeamSpeak tab on the website. Even if a person hasn't connected his or herTeamSpeak and GW profiles, it's still possible to see the TeamSpeak ID of the person who entered the server and what groups he or she is in.


Look at this image:


Here you see:
1. GuildWalls username
2. TeamSpeak nickname
3. Groups in which this user participates
4. TeamSpeak ID
5. Push the button!

If you see someone suspicious with a lot of important groups in your TeamSpeak you can click the button “i” on the right (see image) and remove this user from any group you want. You don’t need to login to a TeamSpeak server and search for this person. Simply click statistics, and remove from groups – your community will be safe.


The same goes to assigning groups. It can be done directly on GuildWalls, and you don’t need to wait for the user to appear online. But the user must have a GW profile connected with TeamSpeak.
No spies! Easy community management for the Guild Leaders! Free security for everyone!


Important! When you kick a person out of the community, all the groups in TeamSpeak automatically drop off, which is very convenient!


It is very easy to link profiles, just click “Link→” on the top of the page.


... you'll get here:


Or you can get there through the Settings directly at any time.

Then either press the first magic button “Add” and everything will happen automatically.
Or press the second button “Verify”, copy the random login and log into the specified address. Gears will spin and when you see the tick mark - that’s it – you’re done! Your TS UID is now connected. You can connect as many UIDs as you want.
Go ahead and link your TeamSpeak with your GuildWalls profile!


Now GuildWalls news can be seen in any community newsfeed.
All your private posts still stay private and will not be seen outside the community.
News is also available by clicking on the News button in upper left section.


As well as here:
Stay tuned!

You can now request passwords to join raids

If you try to join a raid, a window will appear, requesting you to enter the password, this will allow only people with the password to join raids.

We’ve removed the border around the logo on the header to make it blend in with the header.

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New option for lot creation in DKP Auction.

Now you can tick "Do not extend by the 1st bet"

Unusually a default rule is used - "next day at 9 pm".

That allows you to create a lot with ending date in the far future. But when any person makes a bet, that lot's ending date is set to the next day at 9 pm.

For example:
You expose a lot at the auction, and specify the duration – a month.
Interest in the lot cannot just wake up in a minute, but in a week. As soon as the 1st bet is made the trades will end the next day at 21:00 counting from the 1st bet.

As a result, the one who wants to buy a favorite item, won’t need to wait 3 more weeks until the end of the auction. A person who puts lots at the auction, will feel more comfortable with no need to create new lots for unsold items with no bets.

But just as there are times when you need to play a lot in the course of half an hour or an hour.

In such cases, you can tick "Do not extend by the 1st bet", and the 1st bet won’t change the auction duration.

As a reminder, if you make a bid on the lot, which the end time there are less than 5 minutes, the exhibition is over after 5 minutes. This rule makes it pointless to bid at the last second.
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Buttons from the header was moved to other places.

Forum buttons in the process.

We apologize for an unexpected services shut down.

The error was found and corrected.
Thank you for your feedback!

Right pane buttons are active now